Why The Cleaning Army Handbook Makes Me Want To Clean!

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Believe it or not, I’ve waited six months to get my hands on Go Clean Co’s The Cleaning Army HandbookIf you didn’t know, our last Go Clean Co (fangirl) article published last May is still bopping its way to the top of our “most read” articles list. I knew Go Clean Co made cleaning more fun, but I didn’t realize it was that fun. Nevertheless, we’re back this year to share some more cleaning tips as members of the #bleachpraylove cleaning army because we still can’t get enough!

Enlisting in Go Clean Co’s Cleaning Army has made cleaning more fun. Period. I mean, how cute is this little handbook?!



“Having a clean home helps lessen general day-to-day stress and keeps you focused on the things that are important.”
– Sarah of Go Clean Co.


This handbook acts as a step-by-step guide on “how to do things right, the first time. The 13 page booklet walks us through tools we should have on hand, cleaning recipes, information about different needs for different surfaces, and a 15 step plan fit to tackle the cleaning of any room. The key is to take it one space at a time and break that space up into sections. You’ll start in one corner of the room and work your way left to right while working up and down through the room. Wondering what tool to use? Go Clean Co says, “Do not, we repeat, do not use a broom!” The handbook warns this will only create more dust, aka ruining all your hard work! The handbook also organizes each step of vacuuming, then mopping, then vacuuming, and mopping again. Yes, you read that right! We want to sparkle people!

Lastly, the handbook provides a checklist of products and areas covered in each room. Working in the kitchen? The checklists reminds you to clean on top of the cupboards (with Mr. Clean), organize under the sink, and even that burnt food stuck to your stovetop (hint: let Easy Off sit for 20-30 mins before wiping off). What’s even better than the checklist is the “warning signs” listed for each zone. For example, in the kitchen, the handbook warns and reminds users not to use bleach on marble and to never leave oven racks in the oven during self-cleaning. Thank you, Go Clean Co!

Needless to say, the backorder wait for Go Clean Co’s The Cleaning Army Handbook was worth it. Our whole team has a copy, and it’s had us all saying “thank you!” If you’d like to get your own copy, check out Go Clean Co’s website! To read more about our 2020 experience following Go Clean Co, see our article My Obsession with Go Clean Co.


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