What Does It Mean to Be a Good Neighbor?

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There are easy ways to be a good neighbor! Yes, of course, we can point out that cleaning up after your dog on walks and not playing music too loudly are classic neighbor niceties. But, when a new neighbor moves in, you have an opportunity to welcome them to the place that you call home, your own pocket of our wonderful Alexandria community. A sense of community is a very important factor buyers consider when looking to move to a neighborhood, so why not add to that feeling of community with a warm welcome! Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling when welcoming someone newly moved in.


Crowdsourced Contacts

Do you have a list of favorite babysitters or dog-walkers? Maybe there are some local kids who mow lawns or power-wash driveways? With these "small-businesses" permission, it's great to help spread the word and do a little free advertising to your neighbors who may be looking for an extra hand. Providing a list of relevant info like emergency phone numbers, local groups, a neighborhood directory, or the aforementioned helpers who can help with the little ones (children and pets!) is an easy way to break the ice with helpful information.

Town Favorites

Everyone loves a good take-out dinner recommendation, especially when you're new in town or even when you just want to switch it up from your regular go-to places. Share your favorite local dining spots, to-go restaurants, or delivery services that cater to your neck of the woods. Do you have extra take-out menus lying around? Pop a few in an envelope and leave a little welcome note to drop by your neighbor's mailbox. This is a contactless way to say hello while giving some space for them to settle in. Alexandria has some amazing businesses to share as well; you might give them an Alexandria Scout Guide or share with them about your favorite local blog, AlexandriaStylebook.com, to introduce our local businesses!

Going the Extra Mile

If you're looking to go a little further and go down the "welcome basket" route, there are a couple of ways to go: maybe a kid's specific theme or dog treats for their pets, or an easy-to-make food basket for those first few days while their kitchen tools are sure to still be packed away. No gesture is too small, and any kind welcome to the neighborhood will give a good first impression of our Alexandria community to new friends moving in.

Last but not least, it's important to remember to let them settle in. If you don't have an immediate response, fear not. Moving can be stressful, but a friendly gesture from neighborhood experts can make a new house feel more like home.

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