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There’s nothing oh-so-good as a fresh-baked cookie right out of the oven! Dapper Fox Bakery’s bake-at-home cookies ensure you’ll enjoy these delicious cookies at their very best.

Dapper Fox Bakery, founded in 2017, and run by baker Alex Reponen, began with offering delicious cakes, cookies, breads, pies, muffins, and special commissions for customers in the Washington, D.C. area. During the pandemic and quarantine, Alex was inspired by his wife’s desire for a little something fresh and sweet so, he would bake a few cookies from the extra dough he had in his fridge. From there, Alex took the idea of a bake-as-you-want cookie model to Dapper Fox. In April 2020, Dapper Fox began offering frozen cookie dough balled into single portions with baking instructions included. Throughout last summer, the business grew, and more and more Alexandrians are falling in love with Dapper Fox’s bake-at-home cookies.




Each Sunday, the weekly flavor is released, with orders open until Wednesday at noon. Flavors are rotated each week, so there is always something new to look forward to, and you can stock up your freezer with favorites. Alex creates his own imaginative recipes and loves to introduce new flavors but remembers that cookies are a simple pleasure, so he bakes old favorites with new twists. Past flavors include Cookies & Cream, Oatmeal Raisin, Brown Butter Pecan Bourbon with Sea Salt & Chocolate, Funfetti, and Chocolate with Pistachio, White Chocolate Chip and Sea Salt.



Can you believe this is a one-man operation?! Alex has a system that works, and his customer base is growing. Just a few weeks ago, he made 1,848 cookies for 120 deliveries! Looking ahead to the future, Alex hopes to possibly expand into a brick-and-mortar shop. But for now, delivery continues to be an important part of his business – and there’s something almost magical about a pack of delicious ready-to-bake cookies showing up on your doorstep, right in time for the weekend.



Dapper Fox brings you the perfect serving, ready to be baked at your own pleasure. If you’re interested in ordering a pack of frozen cookie dough, Dapper Fox’s next delivery date for June 11 closes tomorrow at noon. This week’s cookie flavor is oatmeal with coconut and dark chocolate chip. Yum! For further instructions on orders, between Sunday and Wednesday each week, the form is open until the order limit is hit – check it out here.  Alex urges clients to order early if a flavor is calling their name. The best part is that they arrive ready to pop in your freezer, so there is no worry they may go stale, and they will stay ready-to-bake when you are.


Still, need convincing? Here’s a pitch from Dapper Fox’s creator for this week’s fabulous cookie:

“While not technically a health food (it’s still a cookie after all!), this cookie is loaded with beneficial goodies like celebrity-touted-and-allegedly-heart-healthy coconut and coconut oil; hearty fiber of natural rolled oats; and punctuated with the antioxidant powerhouse of dark chocolate, mixed with a few warming spices to round it out.” – Alex Reponen



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