Preparing for Arrival: Our Nesting Checklist

About four weeks ago, my husband Geoff ran into a neighbor and friend outside in the late afternoon. In a very serious tone, Geoff asked, "So when do you think she'll start nesting?" Our friend choked on laughter. Context: this was the same day we had a plumber, painter, and landscaper at our home with a full task list. This was when I had to break the news to my dear husband… "Honey, we've been nesting for a good two months."

So what is nesting exactly? The definition I found online defines it as "The urge to clean and organize. Nesting during pregnancy is the overwhelming desire to get your home ready for the new baby." I'd say I had more than an overwhelming desire!

Here's a look into my Honey-Do List in preparation for Baby Georgie!

  1. We replaced our breakfast nook light fixture with two sconces. Lord knows we may have to change this baby on our breakfast table instead of the changing table 14 feet away… I'd hate for anyone to hit their head in the line of duty!

  2. We completed a major landscaping project, including the addition of a parking pad, a flagstone walkway, an expanded patio, our fence moved, new gates installed, uplighting added, and the addition of a gas fire pit and turf grass in our backyard.

  3. New curtains! With the help of Carlough + Co, we purchased and installed beautiful new curtains in our family room, baby room, and both of our guest rooms.

  4. We decided to have our closets professionally built out. Both Geoff's closet and the baby closet had a makeover to make storage and organization a little easier.

  5. We also finally lowered our laundry room cabinets so I can reach them since we're going to be doing a lot more laundry now that Georgie is here!

  6. Successfully found and ordered two new rugs that are both puggle and baby-friendly.

  7. Installation of a whole house water filter. (I can't be running out to buy distilled water!)

  8. We brought in a new sump pump backup battery. Frankly, the idea of having a new baby and a flooded basement is a hard no. Preparation is key.

  9. Our HVAC ducts were professionally cleaned, and we had our HVAC serviced.

  10. The upholstered furniture and carpets were all professionally cleaned.

  11. We repaired the leaking freezer ice maker.

  12. Our car was also professionally cleaned. This made the ride home from the hospital a bit more comfortable!

  13. We updated to a new front door Ring camera.

  14. The big job: purging, donating, purging, and donating again. We filled two Bagsters for pick up, hosted one weekend "free 99 sale" on our curb, and made a large donation to Green Drop. We also had a 1-800-Junk-Removal of an old bed and old leather chair.

  15. Installed a garage organizer system.

  16. Replace door hardware in most of the home.

  17. Finally, we completed the baby's room! With the help of Carlough + Co, we installed crown molding, painted the entire room, installed a new light fixture, and added custom shades. We also had my grandmother's dresser professionally painted by a wonderful local lady, reupholstered a rocking chair found online, put together the crib, and added end tables.

Are we over-prepared? Maybe overdone? Whatever you'd like to call it, by the end of our list, I felt ready for the arrival of our baby girl!


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