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Twice a year, TTR Sotheby’s International Realty releases RESIDE Magazine, dedicated to the connoisseurship of art, travel, fashion, food, and D.C. living. The magazine is not only a great piece of marketing to share with our clients and friends about local and worldwide Sotheby’s reach, it’s also a great source of inspiration with some seriously Pinterest worthy interiors! Sitting next to an artful stack of statement coffee table books, RESIDE becomes a simple addition of elegance that reminds us how home really can be where the heart is, especially for those who showcase the beauty of the world through home design.


For an even further vote of confidence and inspiration directly quoted from the magazine:

“Your home is more than a building or an address. It’s where you experience life, family, connection, growth. Your home should be as exceptional as you are, and you are going to be.”


Click here to see this issue of RESIDE Magazine.


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