Our First Mother’s Day As New Moms

Blair and Ainsley, the newest additions to The Patterson Group, are celebrating their first spring this season, and their mommas, Maria and Paige, are celebrating their first Mother’s Day as new moms. Here are the top three lessons and reflections each has made in these first six months.

Maria & Baby Blair

Having my own baby has made me very grateful for my Mom. Not only for the bigger sacrifices she has made for us over the years but also for the tiny little thoughtful things she did for us growing up and continues to do for me, and now Blair, too.  

The saying “it takes a village” could not be more true! I could not be more thankful for this Alexandria village and built-in support network. It’s truly unlike any other community, and I am insanely grateful to be raising my daughter here!

Finally, I remind myself that Blair will only be a baby for a short time - the first six months have already flown by! I say to myself regularly, “buy the Monday’s Child bubble (and monogram it!!!), leave your phone at the house on stroller walks, eat dinner together as a family, and be present when you are home with her.”

Photography Credit: Renée C. Gage Photography

Paige & Baby Ainsley

There is no guidebook to motherhood. Everyone does it differently, and everyone is doing it right. Ask for guidance when you want it but know your journey will look different from everyone else’s. You are doing what is right for you, and it is enough!

The days are long, but the years are short is the most unbelievably true statement. I remember holding up a size three-month onesie and thinking, “this won’t ever fit her!” then the time comes, and it fits. You are shocked, shed a little tear packing away the newborn clothes, and then two weeks later, you can’t even stuff them into the size they just moved up to.

There will be moments when you feel overwhelmed by love with gratitude; your cup will truly be overflowing. Those moments usually come during the quiet times when the craziness of the day has stopped. It may be a smile before bedtime or when you find yourself scrolling through photos during nap time - unable to delete a single one, even though ten are the exact same. And in those moments, you feel completely full.

Photography credit: McKinzie Jefferson Photo


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