New Ownership, New Brand for Local Coffee Shop

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Under new ownership and a new brand, ESP Tea & Coffee is embracing the community with open arms, hoping to make a positive change to local charitable organizations and initiatives.

Previously known as Killer ESP, the King Street coffee shop is operating under new ownership yet, still producing the same delicious lattes, coffees, teas, and sweet treats (including crowd favorite Dangerously Delicious Pies!). The “ESP” used to stand for “espresso, sorbet, pies.” Now, ESP stands for “extrasensory perception,” which truly encompasses the atmosphere of the coffee shop, including the “third eye” motif of the ESP logo and groovy San Francisco vibe inside.



Having been open for a few months now, ESP Tea & Coffee has hit the ground running. They are embracing the community as they reintroduce themselves to regulars and customers, who used to be fans of the shop before the previous closing. Under new leadership, ESP continues to be a destination for tea and coffee enthusiasts. ESP Tea & Coffee is putting an emphasis on the experience of specialty tea, offering a wide selection of loose-leaf and tea cakes with new ways to brew and enjoy tea. Patrons can also look forward to an updated patio at the back of the shop, expanding the available areas to enjoy and connect with friends over a cup of coffee (or tea)!

After talking with new owner Erik Muendel, it’s clear ESP Tea & Coffee has a focus on Alexandria charitable initiatives. Erik has a professional history working with charities, previously working with cancer research, Miriam’s Kitchen Mission Possible Program, and Remember the Minors non-profit organization through his business with Brightline Interactive. Erik hopes to use his corporate relationships and connections to his charitable initiatives at ESP Tea & Coffee. Erik is also engaging with the ESP Tea & Coffee team for input on Alexandrian charities to support. The first charity ESP Tea & Coffee will support is ALIVE!, a local organization that provides family assistance, food programs, furniture, and home goods to Alexandria community residents in need. ESP Tea & Coffee plans to add two additional organizations to their roster in addition to ALIVE! soon. If you’re reading this and would like to learn more about how you can get involved with ESP Tea & Coffee’s charitable initiatives, you can reach Erik at



Of course, I must remind you that Alexandria’s Giving Day is April 28 this year! (One of the best times of the year, in my humble opinion!) Spring2Action 2021 is a time where Alexandrians come together to support the organizations that serve our community and engage with these organizations to raise funds. ESP Tea & Coffee is sponsoring Spring2Action’s “ACTion Heroes Prizes,” which will award $100 hourly to randomly drawn organizations between 10am – 10pm on April 28. Keep an eye out on ESP Tea & Coffee’s Instagram page for more information about Giving Day!

ESP Tea & Coffee

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