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If You Are Reading This, Water Your Plants!

First impressions are everything, and curb appeal begins with the lawn and flowerbeds. Usually, spring focuses our garden efforts around preparing our lawns and gardens for a beautiful summer. But summer focuses less on preparing and more on keeping our plants and lawns thriving in the heat. So, remember, when you're hot and thirsty, your plants are too!  Here are some "Dos and Don'ts" of lawn care in the heat of the summer:

DO water your plants, lawn, and pots early in the morning.

DON'T water your plants while in full sun!

Summer lawn care 101: Water in the morning. The heat of the day will evaporate water quickly, so water the lawn early in the morning to maximize the amount of water available to the soil and roots.

DO water the roots and root zones.

DON'T walk over dry grass.

Keep water focused on the roots and off your plant's leaves. For those who are dedicated, you'll also want to keep foot traffic over your lawn minimal. For already stressed grass, foot traffic can cause damage and keep the grass beaten down and unable to spring back up as easily as it would have in better temperatures. Avoid adding to its struggle!

DO water gradually for water to fully penetrate the soil.

DON'T overwater.

Water deeply, but do not overwater! During hot summer days, water your lawn deeply, but you may not need to water it daily. Watch the weather forecasts and adjust your watering schedule accordingly. Heavy summer storms may help save on your water bill too.

DO sharpen your mower blades.

DON'T cut too short.

Longer grass allows your lawn to develop stronger roots and greater tolerance to high temperatures. Keep your grass at a healthy and adequate height by raising your mower blade. When you cut your grass during hot days, a good general rule is to never cut more than one-third of the grass height. Also, keep your mower blades sharpened because dull blades stress grass more by damaging it. When blades are sharp, the grass will heal more quickly from each cut.

All in all, we wish you the best in managing a beautiful lawn as the temperatures rise. It's not always easy, but we hope these simple tips will help your healthy green lawn survive and thrive during the dog days of summer. Stay cool!


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