Fall On The Front Step

It's the middle of October, and we are well into the height of the decorating part of the year. Although my favorite decor comes out closer to Christmas, October is an excellent reminder that there are many ways to add personality to your house in the form of holiday decorating. From the Halloween skeletons of October to the holiday wreaths of December, the end of the year is full of fun home decor throughout Alexandria. Forget leaf peeping; it's time for decor and wreath peeping!

Just from the inspiration around town, we've narrowed down the top three ways to decorate for fall in Alexandria:

Pumpkins: Simple and Stacked

Pumpkins are probably the first thing you think of when we mention Halloween decorating. They are simple, easy, and often can last all season. The little mini pumpkins are becoming increasingly popular, and I've loved spotting them above doors and on windowsills. A simple stack of pumpkins on either side of the door or an abundant overflow of pumpkins spilling down the front steps is frequently spotted around town. Don't miss the return of Dorothy's ruby slippers spotted in a pile of pumpkins outside 107 Prince Street!

Bats and Spiders

October is the only time of year we welcome spiders and cobwebs into our homes. Surprisingly, they can look pretty cute when fixed across the white-painted brick. I love the contrast of the black silhouette of a spider or flying bat against the walls or windows! 

Festive Harvest Wreaths

You can never go wrong with putting a wreath on your door. Wreaths are timeless and easy to alter for each season. Some keep it simple with a festive ribbon; others have made wreaths out of mini pumpkins, attached fake cobwebs, or created them out of skeletons. What have been your favorites?

We love to see how our friends and clients decorate their homes for each holiday throughout the year, and we're looking forward to seeing more as we approach the holiday months. Happy October and decorating season! 


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