Escape to Autumn: Charming Towns Near Alexandria for Your Fall Getaway

Britt Patterson

Ah, the allure of autumn…it's that time of year when we crave a cozy getaway. So, where should you head for your next fall escape? Here are a few towns within driving distance from Alexandria to explore:

Luray Cabin, Photo Credit:

Luray Caverns, a geological marvel, promises an awe-inspiring experience as you wander through a labyrinth of intricate stalactites and stalagmites. Above ground, Luray's charm continues with quaint streets and historic sites.

About a 2 hour drive from Alexandria.

Shenandoah National Park, Virginia

Tucked away not too far from Alexandria, Shenandoah National Park promises a nature-filled retreat amidst the Blue Ridge Mountains. Picture yourself winding down Skyline Drive, where breathtaking views and vibrant fall foliage await. Lace up your hiking boots and discover trails suitable for every skill level. For a truly unforgettable adventure, tackle the Old Rag Mountain hike, famous for its challenge and panoramic summit views.

About 1.5 hours from Alexandria to the start of Skyline Drive.

Annapolis, Maryland

Similar to our Old Town, Alexandria, Annapolis has maritime charm and historic allure. Wander cobblestone streets adorned with colonial architecture and immerse yourself in the maritime heritage at the United States Naval Academy. Annapolis blends old and new seamlessly, offering quaint boutiques, art galleries, and waterfront dining experiences.

About 1 hour from Alexandria.

Middleburg, Virginia

Nestled in Virginia's picturesque countryside, Middleburg welcomes you to escape the city hustle. This historic town invites you to explore boutique shops, antique stores, and art galleries. Middleburg's vibrant culture harmonizes beautifully with its lush landscapes, horse farms, and rolling hills. Sip local wines at wineries, savor farm-to-table delights, and take leisurely drives through the scenic countryside.

About 1 hour and 20 min drive from Alexandria.

Eastern Shore, Maryland and Virginia

Embrace life's leisurely pace with a weekend escape to the Eastern Shore, a region characterized by its laid-back charm and coastal allure. Crossing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge takes you to a world where time slows down. Charming small towns like St. Michaels and Cape Charles offer a delightful blend of art galleries, boutique shopping, and waterfront dining. 

Approx. 3-4 hour drive from Alexandria.

Finally, the heat has subsided and the leaves are turning into vibrant shades of orange, red and gold. Every year, we fall in love all over again when autumn touches Alexandria, but there's also something special about exploring nearby towns. So hop in the car, hit the road and take in the foliage along the way because we all deserve a little fall magic!

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