Don’t Get Lost In The Move: 3 Tips To Organize Your Home Before A Big Move

“I didn’t know I had so much stuff!”

This is a phrase we often hear when helping our clients prepare for the market. Sometimes, our things really are out of sight, out of mind, and it’s not until we start paring down, cleaning out, and packing up that we realize just how much we have accumulated over the years. It’s a big task, but not impossible!

There is a method to the madness…a NEAT Method, that is! I talked with our dear friend and fellow Stylebook contributor, Lauren Sadlon from NEAT Method, about decluttering before a big move. We’ve seen Lauren in action with our clients, assisting them with downsizing and organizing for an anticipated move. Lauren and her NEAT Method team are highly involved in the organization and decluttering process. By the end, Lauren might know where your things are better than you do!

To fully assess the situation, Lauren finds it best to take all items out of drawers and containers, sort and categorize the items, then decide their fate. Once donations are taken away, and trash is sorted out, the items should be organized back into the space. Do not just put everything back in an organized way; you must also edit. Take this time to realize what you use, what you need, and what holds true value. It may be time to finally throw out that box of miscellaneous and outdated power cords and donate that container of untouched crayons! If you are waiting for a sign to assess your space and organize, this is it. You don’t have to wait till you’re moving to decide the fate of your things!

“Spring cleaning” is right around the corner, and so is the spring market! Whether or not you’re moving out, it’s a great time to assess your things and how you are using your home. We spoke to Lauren about the process, and she shared some tips for tackling your space pre-move:

Tip #1: Do not move with something that you do not want or need to keep.

Why take up the space and pay to move something that you’ll just have to deal with when you arrive at your new place? You should only move with what you want! For clients who are downsizing, think about what storage areas are awaiting you. Are you moving from a full attic to only a basement? No basement? Limited closet space? It’s important to think about the spaces your things will move into.

Tip #2: Pack your boxes up by where they are going in your new home, not where they came from!

This will make for a smoother move-in process and give you a greater opportunity to take note of what you need and can handle in a space.

Tip #3: Before your movers come, do a sweep of your kitchen and other highly used spaces for any miscellaneous items you won’t want packed with that room.

Your child may have left her favorite toy on the kitchen counter - if left, the movers will most likely pack it up with the other items on that counter! Are you gaining a new space like an office, gym, or playroom? Make sure any miscellaneous items are packed for their proper space.

Full service and fully supportive, we hope to make the move-out and move-in process stress-free. We offer our clients contacts and services to make saying goodbye a little easier and allow room for a positive hello into their new spaces.


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