Curb Appeal in the Winter?

Curb appeal. We use this term a lot in real estate when we talk about our clients’ homes and what kind of first impression their homes will make even before a potential buyer walks through the front door. Great curb appeal is one thing sellers can do to boost marketability and add value.

Here are three tips to make your home look its best, even in gloomy winter!

  1. Clean Up Those Leaves! You can’t have curb appeal if you can’t even see the curb! It’s important to make sure your landscaping and lawn are clear of leaves and debris. Although your grass may not be too green, a cleaned-up yard will show buyers a clear canvas to picture what it may look like in the spring and summer.

  2. Turn On Your Outdoor Lights! Keep your porch lights on! An illuminated exterior will warm up your home, making it cozy and inviting for potential buyers. When the sun sets early in the winter, having your exterior lit will make your home feel safer and welcoming for buyers who preview in the evening.

  3. Make Small Updates! Repainting your front door, updating your house numbers and mailbox, or refreshing your porch furniture and doormat are small ways to better your home’s curb appeal. Even little changes can show potential buyers that your home is ready to be theirs.

Whether it’s your landscaping, lighting, or a fresh front door, curb appeal leaves an impression on potential buyers. Your home should be beautiful on the inside and out!  Contact us to learn about how we can help you set your home up for success on the market in 2022! 


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