Anatomy Of An Of-The-Moment Home

Britt Patterson

Anatomy Of An Of-The-Moment Home

Recently, Sotheby’s International Realty, out of our New York Headquarters, released the 2023 Luxury Outlook. This is a comprehensive look at the luxury real estate market around the globe. It also looks beyond the real estate sector to see what consumers of luxury goods desire, from sustainable luxury items, to record-breaking auction sales, to wine investments. One chapter broke down the top nine factors that go into a luxury “of-the-moment” home, as seen in real estate across our global network.

Here’s what Sotheby’s Luxury Outlook 2023 has on their list:

Saltwater Swimming Pool

With the rise in popularity of water exercise, homes equipped with lap pools are in demand. Special emphasis is placed on saltwater, which allows for less chlorine than standard pools, and, therefore, is better for skin and eyes.

Cork Spray

Cork spray, a non-toxic and highly renewable solution to traditional paint, looks and feels like stucco, but doesn’t crack and retains its color for at least 10 to 12 years. With the added benefit of being mold- and fire-resistant, cork spray is ideal for interior and exterior walls, decks, and patios.

Water Purification System

Water filtration systems not only remove toxic chemicals from tap water to create healthier drinking water, safer water for cooking, and cleaner sinks and showers, but they are better for the environment, as they reduce the need for plastic water bottles.

Well-Kept Garden

A carefully maintained garden with excellent plant diversity is not only ideal for gardening hobbyists, but for those interested in growing consumable produce. Buyers are also requesting water collection systems to use rainwater for hydrating plants as a sustainability measure.

Energy Efficient Fireplaces

Alternatives to old-fashioned, wood-burning models still add warmth and ambience to any interior space, while using less energy, being safer, and requiring less maintenance.

Massage Room

Wellness is a top priority for many, after years of living in a pandemic, so homes outfitted with spas or massage rooms are seeing increased demand. A dedicated massage space allows homeowners to create a relaxing atmosphere with massage tables, aromatherapy, and soft lighting.

Cold Plunge Pool

Whether in a home spa or stationed on a rooftop deck, the chilled water of a cold plunge pool is believed to strengthen the immune system, release endorphins, and improve mood. These pools are ideally paired with a home sauna.

Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

Especially in the United States and Northern Europe, buyers place a high premium on contemporary floor-to-ceiling windows to maximize natural light and to optimize access to surrounding views. 


Electric Car Charging Stations

As buyers are focused more on the sustainability of driving electric cars, an increasing number of buyers look for properties with charging facilities, which allow them to take their eco-friendly lifestyle wherever they go.

What do you think about these “of-the-moment” features? Do you think they might be more “of-the-future,” or true to buyers’ desires? Discover more at Sotheby’s International Realty 2023 Luxury Outlook!

Photo credit: Sotheby's International Realty Luxury Outlook 2023


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