ALX-Opoly is on Its Way!

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When the pandemic lockdown began, we turned to our favorite board games… and Alexandria’s Chamber of Commerce did the same! To all my Alexandria-loving and competitive board game players out there, ALX-opoly is coming soon to your next family game night!

“Roll the dice and travel to historical landmarks from the Waterfront to the West End. No matter which space you land on, you’ll see how this city charmed residents and visitors from around the world. Explore one of our nation’s most fascinating cities from the comfort of your living room.” – Alexandria Chamber of Commerce"

The Alexandria Chamber of Commerce matches local businesses with sponsorship opportunities that benefit both the business and the community. When the lockdown began and we all stayed at home, the Chamber needed an opportunity for business to bring their branding home to the community and what a better way than a board game; ALX-opoly!

Alexandria has always had community at the forefront, and you’ll find that this Alexandria themed Monopoly game is all about what makes our community unique. ALX-oploy, arriving in late February, not only features landmarks and icons of our city, but it also features yours truly! The Patterson Group is so excited to sponsor the rowhomes on this very special edition of Monopoly.

From city hall to the farmers market, you’ll find 22 Alexandria landmarks as well as four customized transportation spaces that represent the King Street Metro, Old Town Trolley, Potomac River Water Taxi, and the DASH bus. And, of course, the player’s pieces are customized too! You’ll find a Pineapple (courtesy of the Old Town Shoppe) as a symbol of hospitality, a Horse & Buggy (courtesy of The Carlyle Council), Ice Cream (of course!), and the Tallship Providence, just to name a few.

Tallship Providence Game Piece
When players land on the “Chamber” or “Commerce” spaces (aka the “Community Chest” or “Chance” spaces from the original game), players will find odes to Alexandria’s festivals, The Campagna Center’s Scottish Walk, tour companies, local women’s groups, and heritage sites. The cards encourage inclusivity and symbolize local favorites.

If you’re interested in owning what is sure to become Alexandria memorabilia, orders are available online here. Over half of the inventory has already been ordered, so make sure to get yours while you still can! The Chamber has partnered with a few local shops to carry a limited supply of boards. The Old Town Shop, Mint Condition, Mint Collective, and 529 Kids Consign will have a limited inventory displayed for purchase. Through the Chamber’s website, individual boards are $40 (+ sales tax) and orders of 10+ are $35 each (+sales tax).

ALX-opoly serves as a great reminder that these businesses are still here and eager to serve their clients and customers. If you have any questions about ALX-opoly, contact Lovie Patish, the Director of Events & Sponsorship, at

We are so excited to be a part of this fun project from the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce. Growing within a community is one of the most rewarding things for a local business. We feel lucky to work in such an amazing community like Alexandria. As always, we love helping families find their dream home… especially in our community. If you’re looking into the home buying or selling process, we’d love to work with you!


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