All Is Calm, All Is Bright…With This Home Gadget

Our homes are where we should feel safest. It's a familiar, comfortable place and an oasis away from the world outside. When a storm forms, we take shelter in our homes, comforted by the warmth, light, and security we feel there. But when a storm hits and the power is knocked out, our homes can quickly feel scary, and the security we had is gone when our home becomes a foreign place to navigate. While we all like to think we know exactly where our emergency flashlights are, often, a flashlight can become as difficult to find as our car keys on a busy morning. But power outages don't have to be scary with the right tools!

This year, we searched for the perfect gift that is both cool and practical. And because we work in the business of homes, it only made sense to introduce the Boundary LED Emergency Light Bulb. The EBULB has a built-in sensor that can detect a true power outage, providing 8 hours of light during a loss of power. With these emergency bulbs, your lamps will stay illuminated during a blackout. The EBULB should be used like you would use a regular light bulb in your home, perfect for your bedside table lamps. Throughout normal use, the bulb is charged and can also be used as a portable flashlight in an emergency. When the power is knocked out from a storm, we'll feel safe knowing our lights will stay on with this home gadget.

We want to make sure all our clients feel safe and secure in their own homes. Whether it's a brand-new home or one they've been in for years. It's important to consider all the right emergency tools, even ones as simple as a light bulb!

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