A Location Re-Do For Urban Redeux

Margaret O'Meara

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I'd like to introduce you to a new addition to the Hollin Hall Shopping Center that I know you'll want to check out: Urban Redeux, a vintage home décor store, personally curated by its charming owner Willow Wright. And let's just say Willow has an eye for treasure-hunting and all the "wright" things.

What makes Urban Redeux special is that its inventory is an ever-changing collection of treasures Willow has personally picked from estate and rummage sales, online auctions, thrift and vintage markets. Every visit to her store is a delightful and new experience. When Urban Redeux began in 2018, it was important to Willow to have a space where anyone could come into the store and buy something, recognizing that finding affordable home decor when she was decorating her own home was what honed her eye for "treasure hunting."

Urban Redeux previously made its home in Mt. Vernon on Cooper Rd from spring of 2018 to fall 2021. Willow began the shop with her mother, Wendy Wells-Finn, and together, they shared a love of treasure hunting. In 2018, they decided to open a shop that would celebrate the art of the hunt, featuring unique finds alongside her mother's artwork. Willow believes interesting things are what create a home and inspire rich conversation. Walking through her store, you'll find no lack of conversation starters, from mid-century modern glassware and dining sets to clever matchbooks and vintage pennants.

When customers first walk into the store, they are greeted by Vivian, Willow's 1920's mannequin, who has a life of her own on her Urban Redeux's Instagram stories and reels. By the way, if she hasn't popped up on your Instagram feed yet, you're missing out because some of Willow's videos are hilarious. Find them here!

Urban Redeux is one of the newest additions to the Hollin Hall Shopping Center. Tucked away behind the 7-Eleven and Hollin Hall Pastry Shop, you'll find Urban Redeux's new space at 7916 Fort Hunt Road. Although the new location is in the alley behind the main shopping center, it's worth searching out. Just by moving a few miles further into Alexandria from Mt. Vernon, Willow has found the Fort Hunt area to be more convenient, reachable, and ready to be discovered by new customers and visited by her long-time clients. Hollin Hall Shopping Center is a destination for many Alexandrians in the Fort Hunt area and a thriving place for small businesses with loyal customers who appreciate shopping locally. Next time you're stopping into the hardware store or grabbing groceries at Safeway, make sure to drive down the alley and pop into Urban Redeux!


Urban Redeux

7916 Fort Hunt Road, Alexandria VA 22308

Wednesday - Saturday, 11am - 4pm


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