Expand Your Space by Thinking Outside the Box!

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Spring is here and I can’t be more thrilled. It’s a wonderful time for change and renewal as we move into warmer weather and longer days. The dreary blues and greys of winter now blossom into floral pastels and lush greens of spring before summer. Spring is here, and it’s time to expand your living space as your yard becomes another room of your home!

Working with incredible buyers and sellers every day gives us an advantage in understanding why outdoor space is so important. From our buyers, we see how they imagine using outdoor space in a home of their own – it’s especially exciting for our buyers who are moving out of an apartment! From our sellers, we love to hear how they’ve appreciated their time with neighbors and friends sitting around a fire pit or enjoying a cup of coffee on the porch in the morning, often commenting how they consider spending the money on a new deck or patio as one of their best investments as a homeowner!



So how can you use your own outdoor space, whether it’s a large backyard or small patio, to its best potential? Well, if you’re finding that your dogs get more use out of your backyard than you do, then it might be time to reclaim the space! Thinking about the use of the space will help in narrowing down how much of your yard you will focus on, what furniture you might need, or future return on your investment. Are you simply looking to improve your curb appeal, or are you looking to create a functional space outdoors? Do you imagine using your space in the morning or evening? Thinking about how the sun may change during the day could change your needs for shade or lighting.



Whatever project you might have in the works this spring, we are excited for you! Any project, from large to small, can make an impact on your home’s value. When homeowners take extra steps to fully reach the potential of their property and space, we notice!


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